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Country plans to adjust the import engine bed customs duty

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The Chinese engine bed tool Industrial association convenes in July 25 at the profession Major enterprise symposium, National Development and Planning Commission Industry Department deputy head of the bureau Chen Bin disclosed that "the Numerically-controlled machine tool Development Special Plan (Draft)" soon reports, at present is soliciting in the opinion process. in the finance and taxation policy, the country to has implemented the industrial production the high matrix numerically-controlled machine tool’s import to cancel the free import policy, the Domestic enterprise develops, makes the key which these numerically-controlled machine tool imported domestic still could not produce to match the suite, after the exemption import tariff or implements drafted first returns, after importing the link increment duty to draft first, returned. The country to has the domestic brand and the proprietary intellectual property rights, may the batch supply the numerically-controlled machine tool functional unit which the market popular sedan numerically-controlled machine tool functional unit’s engine bed functional unit Shareholding system produces according to 17% statutory tariff collection increment duty, surpasses 3% parts to the actual tax burden namely to draft namely draws back, draws back the tax money to use in by the enterprise studying the development and the expanded reproduction, does not take the enterprise income tax assessable income, exempts the collection income tax.


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