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Engine bed market promotion numerical control cutting tool sale is active

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Our country is the engine bed great nation, when 2000 the domestic numerically-controlled machine tool’s annual output has reached 20,000. It is estimated that to 2010, our country will yearly produce the machinability numerically-controlled machine tool to achieve 40,000, every year the necessary consumption’s cutting tool expense estimated will amount to 25 - 3,000,000,000 Yuan, therefore, the numerical control cutting tool market prospect will be very broad. takes the industry forced purchase Yongkang, the fast development’s numerical control machining processing technology promoted numerical control cutting tool’s being in great demand. The numerical control cutting tool types, the specification are many, quantity is huge, more common has the milling cutter, the boring cutter, the reamer on the hardware city field, to grip Kong Dao, lathe tool as well as broach and so on. They widely apply in the high degree of hardness, high strength, difficult to process the non-ferrous metal (alloy) and the non-ferrous metal - nonmetallic compound materials spare part high speed, highly effective, do (wet) in the formula machine cut processing profession, like fine machining area of technology, automobile, energy, motorcycle profession, bamboo floor, furniture profession, automobile and electronic information technology profession, professions and so on printing system board fine carving. particularly along with technique of manufacture’s high speed development, the automobile, fine machining professions and so on area of technology as well as mold proposed to the numerical control cutting tool a higher request, promoted the numerical control cutting tool’s sustained development. According to the hardware north road cutting tool dealer introduced that at present the numerical control cutting tool’s development direction is turns toward the high rotational speed, the small depth of cut, the roughing feed aspect to develop. Many from overseas like import and so on Japan, US, Switzerland, South Korea numerical control cutting tools have the novel bit contour, the small bit size, the small cutting main angle of deflection and the new attire clamps the structure, but depth my city user affection. Another source, each kind of combination, the special-purpose numerical control cutting tool are also present profession urgently needed development and so on automobile, mold material items. Rake tool, special-purpose cutting tool, because its development plasticity is very big, its most major characteristic is in an attire clamps may complete many processings, therefore in cutting tool’s management, reduces aspects and so on cutting tool expense, the rake tool and so on special-purpose cutting tool has demonstrated the extraordinary function. Furthermore, the reason that the numerical control cutting tool can let the numerous enterprises accept, but also lies in it to be able to adapt high speed, flinty, dry, the fine cutting and the high efficiency numerical control machining cutting specification, is progressive along with the components semifinished materials technique of manufacture, the components semifinished materials geometry size and the chipping allowance control is more precise, the numerical control cutting tool new structure, the new variety mainly concentrate in lightly, shoulder in the cutting scope, and by the special-purpose hole processing, the broaching, the trundle, the milling and the turning and so on five kind of cutting tool’s sales is more active.

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